Here’s a fun and slightly horrifying fact: in 2019, of the top 10 highest grossing films worldwide, 9 were made/owned by Disney.

The only exception being Joker, which was produced by Warner Brothers, a company Disney does not own – yet.

The rate at which Disney has acquired properties and companies has been astounding, turning it over the decades from an animation studio to a world-dominating, 70-billion-dollar-a-year mega corporation.

In other words, they’re a pretty big force.

So it’s not surprising that the fandom wing of Tumblr does a lot of talking about the Disney properties that have come to take up such a big sector of pop culture.

Good thing too, because a lot of their observations are hilarious.

14. I think this is why people love Elsa so much.

13. So pure, and awesome if you ask me.

12. Sleep with the fishes

Oh! This. I don’t like this.

11. A leap of faith

Yaaaas John, paint with those wind colors.

10. Shared universe

The stars align.

9. Superpowers

Anybody who can take care of even a normal kid is pretty incredible to me.

8. Can’t be bothered

He’s made from the right stuff.

7. Double crossed

The writing’s on the wall.

6. Changing priorities

Goofy is a good father, he doesn’t deserve all this.

5. The eye of the beholder

Why are you talking to glass anyway.

4. Herculean effort

Genius or accident? We may never know.

3. Fool me once

“Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”

2. Different strokes

Due to the inscrutability of his voice, I assume Donald is usually swearing.

1. Justice is served

Put your hans up.

Kinda makes you look at these movies in a different light. Also, I wonder how long before we stop calling them Disney movies and just call them “movies,” because Disney owns literally all motion pictures. Any day now, probably.

What’s the weirdest Disney thing to you?

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