The Disney Princess has become a sort of archetype all her own, distinct even from the more generic “fairy tale princess.” Because when Disney gets its hands on a heroine, they’re shaping her not just for storytelling, but for mass marketability, and the cultural impact has been enormous.

I recently came across – I kid you not – a 122 page academic paper examining the evolution of the Disney princess through the lenses of class, race, and other socioeconomic factors. They’re a big deal.

But we’re not here for all that heady stuff. We’re here to watch the humans of Tumblr give hilarious hot takes and random insight into these characters, because fandoms gonna fandom.

10. Dad problems

“Look I know you’re the protagonist, but there are other people here too…”

9. Absolutely radiant

One foot in reality.

8. Flower power

Can someone verify this?

7. Simple requests

“Can I go to a party I was invited to?” “Fine, I’ll turn a pumpkin into a vehicle.” “Wait, what?”

6. Off key

Keeping letting Lin Manuel-Miranda write the scores and this is gonna happen eventually.

5. Growing pains

Oh, right, you’re an infant. Yeah, listen to your dad.

4. Subtle inclusions

We see what you’re doing, Disney.

3. Danger ahead

Follow your dreams, I guess?

2. Weirdly specific but OK

Basically just click the person you want to be.

1. Reversing the tides

Make backward Aladdin next.

Some say the people of Tumblr have too much time on their hands. Others say they have way too much time on their hands. But when it produces gems like this, it’s hard to get too upset about that.

What’s the weirdest thing about a Disney Princess to you?

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