There are people who are hilariously honest online about the chaos of everyday life, and there are people online who are lying about how they’re barely keeping it together, even in the best of times.

If you ask me, people willing to give the rest of us a peek behind the curtain into the sweet messes there are the ones who are the heroes of our worlds – because they let us know we’re not alone.

Let’s goooooooooooo!!!!!

12. Alllll of the things you didn’t realize until now.

11. Don’t act like you haven’t counted.

10. I fail to see the issue.

9. We’re not stalkers we’re just bored.

8. Make sure you wash your hands.

7. We’re all regressing to our caveman selves.

6. Falling down on the job.

5. Don’t forget the bread!

4. I’m not sure that’s really convincing.

3. Everyone with kids already knows how this works.

2. That doesn’t count as exercise?

1. Jokes on you!

I am feeling every single one of these – how about you?

Tell us how you’re getting your daily dose of humor these days – I hope you’re finding all of the content you need to feel okay!