Life can be a lot certain days, and some people are inclined to make everything seem wonderful 24/7 when they post on social media. It can be enough some days to make you wonder whether or not you’re doing something wrong.

Which is why I extra love these 13 people who are okay with letting the world know that they’re holding on by a thread.

13. Cobble together your own plan, people.

12. I don’t think  he left anything out.

11. Unless your hair touches your face.

10. How many times a day can we run the dishwasher?

9. I’m sure this will end well.

8. Because really, does it matter?

7. Because what even are good decisions any more?

6. Yeah, someone didn’t really think that through.

5. Why is this so impressive?

4. But then grabbing the thermometer anyway, just in case.

3. I’m not even judging.

2. Time to start making your own bread, like the rest of us.

1. Just a little existential crisis with every email.

It just kind of makes you realize that you’re not alone if you’re having a day when it seems like too much – and somehow, that feels nice.

How do you deal with your down days? I think humor is often the best medicine!