I set out to count how many funny people there were on Twitter but I eventually lost track and fell asleep because there are too dang many. I couldn’t possibly hope to bring you samples from all of them, but let’s start with these.

Here are 12 random examples of greatness from a few of the funny women of Twitter!

12. Act fast

This is why the remote is a powerful tool in any relationship.

11. Mmm, MLM

You can be your own boss by which I mean empty your savings account to buy our awful overpriced merchandise.


10. Bras, bruh

There are the true tests of faith.

9. Time to stretch

Me buying sweats: “I don’t think this is gonna work out.”

8. Fairy tale romance

Did no two women in this kingdom wear the same size shoe?

7. Hugs and nugs

The delicious affection that we all crave.

6. Model citizen

2020: “Joke’s on you, get back to the couch.”

5. Highs and lows

Um. Most of us were alive in the 1900’s. It was 20 years ago. You sure about this?


4. Who is she

Reminding the robots that they don’t know everything.


3. Flatten the curve

The swoosh that says “Just don’t it.”

2. Treasure hunting

Gotta keep tabs on the important things in life.

1. Pocket full of disappointment

Fashion is a competition to see who can sell the least fabric for the most money.

To see more, just go pretty much anywhere on the internet. Funny tweets have a way of showing up there.

Who are your favorites ladies of Twitter?

Tell us in the comments.