Look, we know you’ve seen tweets before. Lots of ’em. But have you seen THESE tweets before? If not, you’re in for a treat. Or maybe you’re in for a tweet. Or both! You’ll never know until you scroll through.

Check out these 13 not bad very good new-fangled funny twitter things!

13. The hand that feeds

She’s an Olympic gymnast when Reese’s Pieces get involved.

12. Pig out

I have been laughing for four minutes straight.

11. Pup belly

Oh look, it’s my very near future. Fun.


10. Fire sale

Today I learned you can make custom fire alarms and I need to know how this is done immediately.

9. Self-check

I just Googled my symptoms, and the internet says I’m already dead.

8. Plumbing the depths

That’s one vegetable that’s actually very bad for you.

7. Sincerely true

The only step below this is “whatever.”


6. Swim free

Ah, viral marketing. The curse of a generation.

5. Tunnel vision

Clearly no one has ever focused grouped cats.


4. Forever trapped

Hot, confident, AND tech savvy. Get in line, ladies.


3. Bear with us

Let us paws in terror for a moment.


2. Super fan

Wanna question everything you know? This song came out almost a decade ago.


1. Words to the wise

Even braver than going to the gym without posting it to Instagram.


Now THAT’S what I call some good tweets. Follow all of those lovely people to see more great jokes free of charge. And give ’em your likes. It fuels them. It feeds them.

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