Ah, summer. The season of fun. The season of exploration. The season of fusing your skin into the leather of your car seat on your way to fight the lava monsters.

This is a time of year that certainly has its advantages, but the sheer heat of it all is enough to make anybody wanna run back inside and crank that AC until the leaves change colors.

Check out these 13 memes that perfectly express our very mixed feelings about the season of the sun.

13. Hot times

It’s hard to stay attractive when you’re sweating this much.

12. See what sticks

“I’ll sit out on the porch for a while, that’ll be nice.” – famous last words

11. Stinging retorts

The insect armies come out in force around now.

10. Dress for the season

I have one palette and I’m sticking to it, thank you.

9. Seeing red

It’s cool, it’ll only hurt ’till I do it again next summer.

8. A new scale

If America won’t adopt Celsius, maybe they’ll adopt this measurement system.

7. Circle of death

Within a week there’s an unpatchable leak, guaranteed.

6. Oh the humidity!

We are but pitiful subjects to its whims.

5. Skip ahead

Less chilling, more killing.

4. Jesus take the wheel

Look, I can either steer or I can continue to have palm skin.

3. Makin’ waves

Where did he get those shorts, I am dying right now.

2. Careful what you wish for

Drain the swamp.

1. The bright day rises

You wanna know how I got these scars?

I think the general consensus is clear: we invented AC for a reason. Let’s just use it.

How do you feel about summer?

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