So… guys… what are you doing to the women? Because these first dates sound CRAZY. What the hell went on here?

The twitter thread started off with a simple question…

And lo did the stories flow…

1. So… sounds like there was no chemistry?

Also… what does this guy have against organization?!?

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2. I mean, in some cultures this means you’re married.

Are you married now? Hmmm…

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3. OMFG… how gross!

I’m so sorry Adrienne. You deserve better.

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4. Are you sure you didn’t go on a date with Satan?

Sounds like Satan to me…

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5. So you’re saying he’s a religious man?

Save me, pls!

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6. Does he know how percentages work?

Apparently not!

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7. Wow… he’s been doing this for HOW long?

Why’s that girl still with him?!?

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8. What is with these guys and Michael Jackson?

I mean, but was that a BAD date??

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9. This is ground for divorce!

Or something like that…

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10. I mean, that IS a thing.

But he should have let you know WELL ahead of that moment.

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11. I think I’m in love.

I always pick THE best guys. Seriously.

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12. Sounds like you got lucky!

Also, I read that as “pooped me down”… so there’s that!

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Yeah folks… that stuff ACTUALLY happened. And now we’re all dumber for it.

What do you think? Have any horrible dates you want to share?

Let us know in the comments!