Are you addicted to reading? I think you might be. In fact I think it may be very serious. After all, you’re reading right now. You just did it again. You’re STILL at it.

Ordinarily this might call for some kind of intervention, but I think with reading, it’s pretty safe to just lean in and freebase the stuff.

Why not keep the party going by reading these memes about how much you like to read?

We’re going in deep, baby.

12. The emergence

Oh no, now I have to be back in this dumb reality again.

11. Hey girl

Dang, remember this meme format? It’s been a while.

10. Out of character

They’re more real to me than my own actual problems.

9. Cover to cover

Once you start on this journey, you’d better be ready to see it through.

8. The double take

There’s no way they just…

7. Mind your own business

Marie, I love you, but stay out of this.

6. Left of read

Do you mind? I’m cleraly in another world right now and cna’t be reached for comment.

5. Forgetful me

I’m always just finding new ones.

4. Decorate this

Get into art if that’s what you’re about, books are for reading.

3. The big sleep

No time like the present.

2. Stacking it up

But I’ll get there soon, just you wait.

1. It is finished

We’ll never be out of there, in our minds.

Happy reading, everybody!

What’s one book you could read over and over again?

Tell us in the comments.