Does the world seem like a harsh place right now? Come take respite in the warm embrace of memes. No matter what’s going on out there, in memes there will always be understanding. Always comradely. Memes do not judge and they do not assault. They revitalize. They strengthen.

Take these 12 memes with you before continuing your perilous journey through reality.

12. The ultimate puzzle

The T’s that tease.

11. Paralyzed by choice

I doughnut like this one bit.

10. Chattering bones

Hahaha what’s a trip?

9. Count your blessings

Safe with a partner or stuck with a nuisance?

8. Early temptations

It’s been 5 minutes, I probably deserve a treat.

7. Monday blues

Even from home the day still stings.

6. Reverse, reverse!

Good thing you saved that $2, though.

5. Let’s taco bout it

But what are all my guests going to eat?

4. Circle of death

Pictures taken right before disaster.

3. Ruffing it

Plot twist: he charges him rent.

2. New school

It’s almost like the economy is nonsense.

1. Look on the bright side

Rub some essential oils on it, maybe.

We know those memes didn’t exactly fix the problems in the real world, but we hope that taking this break to look at them has made those problems feel a little less daunting.

What are you favorite kind of memes?

Tell us in the comments!