Netflix’s Love is Blind is a surprising hit of the winter/spring – people can’t stop watching it (even though they sort of want to) and they can’t stop talking about it, either.

There’s a good chance that (before the quarantine, anyway) you and your coworkers and friends and family were texting and WhatsApp-ing and whatever else about the show – because as a society, we’re a bit weird and also human beings really love to gossip.

If you’re a fan of the show, too, these 12 memes are going to be right up your alley.

13. I think that baby was watching an episode, actually.

11. Pretty darn accurate.

10. Oh, no he didn’t!

9. This is the exact face I made, I think.

8. Get in line, sweet cheeks.

7. If you need some petition signatures, we’ve got your back.

6. Why is this so hilarious, though?

5. Eavesdropping, what?

4. We can’t explain it, it’s just the way it is.

3. These are confusing times, okay?

2. What we really need is a reality show of the contestants watching the taping back.

1. Thank you for this.

I can only hope this show keeps going, because now is not the time for there to be any kind of shortage when it comes to trash television.

Am I right or am I right?

What was your favorite of the memes above? Share it with us, please! We need interaction!