Love is Blind is the latest reality series to make a splash on Netflix. It’s a 21st century twist on the Dating Game, where single people agree to get to know each other with the idea that they could fall in love – and even get engaged – without ever meeting in person.

A surprising number of the couples are still together, too…at least so far.

If you’re one of the millions who just can’t stop watching, these 14 memes are just for you.

14. This meme never ever gets old.

13. There’s really no in between, either.

12. And these two reactions are also valid.

11. There is an Office meme for literally everything.

10. Maths are hard, you guys.

9. Seems legit. Put a ring on it!

8. I already know which one you are, my friend.

7. But seriously call someone who really cares.

6. Everyone saw that coming. Literally.

5. It’s perfect.

4. It’s called self care, okay?

3. I have detected a lie.

2. There is not a faster way to make everyone hate you.

1. Mother knows best.

Guys, am I wrong, or are the resulting memes the best thing about any given trainwreck these days?

I’m not wrong.

Do you love the show? These memes? Tell us which was your favorite in the comments!