You gotta have a sense of humor in life about the difficult stuff. Anxiety is definitely one of those tough things that many, many people have to deal with on a daily basis.

Hopefully, these 12 memes will make you laugh and give you at least a moment’s break from your anxiousness.

1. Oh, thanks!

I never thought of this way and I guess I will now FOREVER…

2. Oh yeah, this will work.

Works every single time!

Photo Credit: Twitter, ImJustCeej

3. Uh oh…

Hello darkness my old friend…

Photo Credit: Twitter, aidan

4. So what’s third base?

Soul crushing non-sex?

Photo Credit: Twitter, nueports

5. Those dots!

They haunt me!

6. Stop poking me!

I don’t know why you do these things all the time!

7. All of your dreams might come true…

And that’s terrifying!

Photo Credit: Twitter, annabroges

8. How much time do you have?

I’ve got all life.

Photo Credit: Twitter, iQuoteComedy

9. Can’t you just act normal?

No? Why not?

Photo Credit: Twitter, natisnotlame

10. Ohhhhhh… I thought you were talking about somebody else!

Not me? Not me! NOT ME!

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

11. Truth.

The most complicated cucumbers.

Photo Credit: Twitter, JackBinstead

12. I never got why these are good for us.

I’m not a child. I don’t do crayons.

Oh goodie! We’re at the end! Don’t you feel anxiety free?

No? Well, me neither. I mean, let’s be honest… it never goes away.

Still, what were your favorite memes? Let us know, fam!