Suffering from anxiety is miserable…but sometimes it can help to have a sense of humor about it. Because if we can’t laugh at our pain… or find other people to laugh at so we can ignore our pain… I’m sorry, I forgot the point I was making.

Listen, everyone handles this condition differently, and, hopefully, these humorous memes about anxiety will provide you with some temporary relief.

And hey, if they don’t… at least you’ll be laughing. And maybe crying. But at least SOME laughing! Yay!


Photo Credit: Twitter, pleasantandy

2. I love this cure!

Photo Credit: Twitter, umsassy

3. System error… shutting down…

4. Yeah, you’re right…

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

5. ALL of that anxiety!

Photo Credit: Twitter, 3hunnathot

6. Who would get this?!?!

7. It IS genetic!

Photo Credit: Twitter, iamspacegirl

8. Yeah, I’m done.

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

9. Meta anxiety!

Photo Credit: Twitter, markydoodoo

10. Oh, you mean everytime o’clock?

Photo Credit: Twitter, Home_Halfway

11. Well, so much for that relief…

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

12. So salty…

Photo Credit: Twitter, Jenn_H_Scott

13. Oh! I like!

14. Time to get ALL the feels at ONCE!

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

15. Here it comes, fam!

Photo Credit: Twitter, bobvulfov

16. Yes!!!

17. Just lay on the floor. It’s nice and cool down there.

Photo Credit: Twitter, mommy_cusses

18. Sounds about right!

Photo Credit: Twitter, amydillon

19. Lookie here!

Photo Credit: Twitter, Marlebean

20. Not so fast, fam!

Photo Credit: Pizza Bottle

And there ya have it folks! What do you think about all that tasty anxiety?

Let us know in the comments!