Who doesn’t love a good sexy surprise? Surprises in general are fun. Sex is, and I know this is a controversial statement, also pretty swell. So when you combine the two you’ve a potentially mind-blowing night in store for you and your partner.

Curious to hear more about how to make that happen? Here are 14 anonymously submitted ways some women give their guys a very hot time.

14. Reflex flexin’

Why, whatever do you mean?

Source: Whisper

13. Alarm cock

I’m truly sorry about that title, I just couldn’t resist.

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12. The nude chef

There’s getting off early and then there’s getting off early.

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11. Playing games

This is the best kind of evil.

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10. Study break

Doing it on a pile of books doesn’t SOUND comfortable but I’d give it a chance.

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9. Stuck inside

This is how you really work it from home.

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8. Dinner conversation

The awkwardness with which he must have been angling his phone screen had to have been hilarious.

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7. Shower power

Gettin’ dirty while you’re gettin’ clean.

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6. Dom/sub

Almost everybody likes this at least once in a while.

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5. Three’s company too

I think this is the first time in history this has happened outside of a porno.

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4. Piercing stares

Honestly how dare you.

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3. Say it loud

You know hotels also have other people in them though, right?

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2. On the road again

Yeah, that’ll do it.

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1. No if, ands, or butts

The look was probably priceless.

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No matter who you’re with, a sexy surprise is pretty much always welcome. So if you’re feeling frisky, get out there and make your partner’s day.

What’s your favorite kind of sexy surprise?

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