You know what men don’t understand? That’s right, most things. And I can say that, because I’m a card-carrying, bonafide member of the man group. Why do we have and carry cards? No idea. That’s just one of the many things we don’t get. It’s not an easy life to live, but this is what we have.

Anyway, one topic of not understanding that comes up a lot in the man group is the mysterious ways of female girl women. What are they? Where did they come from? Can they fly? We can’t know. There’s just no way to know. Here are 10 anonymously submitted burning questions that some guys have about the lady-types.

10. Dog day afternoon

If we’re such dogs, how come you won’t tell us we’re adorable or rub our bellies?

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9. In so many words

Personally I describe my own body as “planetary.”

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8. The age gap

*sneaks out phone and calls police*

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7. Waters run deep

Well what was it a picture of, DAVE?

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6. Please be seated

Some battles will rage eternal.

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5. The waiting game

My guess is they’re doing magic spells and stuff in there and they just don’t want us knowing about it.

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4. You made it awkward

Why do women sometimes move in one way, but then sometimes a different way? Riddle me that.

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3. Get them digits

My guy, if this has happened to you *multiple times,* you are most definitely the problem.

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2. Easy as pie

*stares in history*

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1. Unfair comparisons

This, I think we can agree, is true.

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There’s a meeting of the men starting soon and it’s my turn to bring the beer sandwiches so I need to wrap this up now. Remember, whatever kind of human you are, be good to each other.

What’s something you don’t understand about people?

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