We’ve got a collection of memes here specifically for the ladies, but anybody can look at ’em and enjoy ’em, because they’re memes, and this is the internet, and our forefathers and four mothers fought a long war to ensure that anybody can waste time with whatever dank memes they want. That’s the Amemeican way.

Here are twelve relatable memes for your scrolling pleasure.

12. Stop trying to make fetch happen

I mean, nothing is gonna make me any prettier but I get your point.

11. Trouble is afoot

Girl gets one night off and she’s still getting bossed around? Hell nah.

10. Sick burns

They’re both just glass, how are they so very different?

9. Threadbare

It looked like you kneed some help.

8. A failure to communicate

If only there was SOME WAY to KNOW what women were THINKING…

7. Mixed messages

Page 34: why you should stop listening to the media.

6. Poetry in slow motion

Imagine the painstaking patience it took to portray a scene this disinterested.

5. Armed and ready

Party’s over, pal.

4. The long and short of it

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

3. Dust in the wind

If you love something, set it free.

2. Dress to impress

I’m following the path of least resistance.

1. Baby cakes

I shouldn’t be laughing but I am though.

Thanks for stopping by and exercising your freedom – nay your right – nay, DUTY to scroll through memes with us today.

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