It’s a bold claim, I know, to say that a collection of memes could make you laugh, even in the morning. Mornings are, after all, generally the worst.

But that’s why you need memes like these 12 – and why we’re so confident you’re going to love them.

12. I am shook.

They said exercise worked, but I mean.

11. Takes one to know one.

Tomorrow it will probably be you.

10. Why is this just so accurate.

Everyone will see themselves in this picture.

9. You gotta give them their props.

Because you’ve heard a lot of them.

8. Little dogs are so terrifying.

They bite more people than big dogs every year, fun fact!

7. I need the followup picture.

It won’t be pretty, but it will be funny.

6. This is a totally normal smile face, right?

Just be yourself, they said…

5. It really makes no sense.

And I would like to be able to summon my shoes. Among other things.

4. This frog should be a therapist.

Yes, I mean for humans.

3. This street is my jam.

Kind of like all of the old people who named their houses The Hermitage.

2. It’s not, but it should be.

The world’s troubles summed up in one image.

1. This girl is all of us.

It’s a mood and we’re here for it.

See, I promised you laughs! And laughs I delivered. Just like the meme master you all know that I am.

Did I deliver? Let us know in the comments – we want to know which was your favorite.

Thanks fam!