When you’re single, all you see are couples everywhere you look. When you’re in a relationship, you also only see couples, because suddenly hanging out with your single friends is weird. I don’t think that’s how the old idiom goes but I’m gonna go with it because it’s more accurate.

The point is that being in a relationship is a different world. A world that changes you. A world you gotta meme about.

Here are twelve relationship memes to keep us all together.

12. One set of footprints

I’d say maybe go AROUND the river, but OK.

11. Hot topics

Baby you charge me right up.

10. Hangry situations

That’s what I do, I drink and I know things.

9. A match made in…somewhere

Soulmate means a different thing when your soul is this gross.

8. In too deep

These looks speak volumes.

7. Double standards

Gotta bond over something, I guess.

6. Bedroom power play

This particular fight for equality will never end.

5. One-upper

Finding any guy who’s open at all is a feat.

4. Making it up

Gettin’ faced when you’re faced.

3. Pupper principles

Tag yourself I’m both.

2. Bone alone

At some point you just assume they escaped out the window.

1. Oh, bother

Just gotta soak up all that attention.

You can keep Romeo and Juliet and all those other supposedly great romantic tales. The story of real relationships is best told through memes.

What meme best expresses your relationship?

Tell us in the comments.