Ok, there’s a lot going on. Browsing memes isn’t just a luxury right now, it’s a necessity. Something about memes, even when they’re about awful things, makes everything feel a little more manageable.

Like we’re all in this together, and sure it kinda sucks, but if we can laugh about it we’ll be ok.

Here are 12 things that memes can make us feel better about today.

12. Your Self-Endangering Friends

11. The Latest Apocalypse

10. The Afterlife

9. Bankruptcy

8. Over-Drinking

7. Photobombers

6. Your Stalker

5. Boring Conversations

4. Time Being Relative

3. Bad Roommates

2. Judgmental People

1. Exhaustion

None of those things feels like too big of a deal now. Who needs mediation or therapy when you’ve got memes?

What do memes help YOU with?

Let’s talk about it in the comments.