Memes. Ya gotta lot ’em. By law. You have to. It is required of you. To be a good citizen of the internet, one must browse, collect, and appreciate memes on an ongoing basis. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you fulfill that duty with a daily dose of dumb from the finest corners of the internet.

So, do your part. Scroll through these 12 memes and leave fitter, happier, and more productive.

12. There’s a party in my pants

And only this cat is invited.

11. No happenings = more nappenings

They’ve had this figured out for a long time.

10. Shock and aww

I would react the same way when I saw teachers in the grocery store.

9. The biggest hero

Hey yeah, what happened to this movie?

8. Hand in hand

That’s what I call a love glove.

7. Rookie numbers

Don’t try this at home.

6. Sweet as syrup

I too need a long nap after eating IHOP.

5. Pitch black

Use the force…ful jamming of your shin into the bed to figure out where it is.

4. Targeted ads

“I see you bought a lamp. Would you like to keep buying lamps forever now?”

3. The nose knows

Has science gone too far?

2. Number one at the box office

Critics are calling it “A movie that’s sure to have your family yelling at each other.”

1. Asleep on the job

I demand to speak to my manager.

Congratulations, internet denizen! You’ve successfully taken in a healthy dose of memes. Be sure to come back soon for more!

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