Alright, y’all, I want you to listen and listen closely.

I’m a doctor and I’m about to prescribe something very important to you.

It’s laughter…non-stop laughter to be specific.

And you’re going to get it in the form of really funny social media posts.

I should probably clarify that I’m not an actual doctor YET, but I’m very close to completing my formal education in fantastic tweets…I’m really close.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Let’s cut to the chase.

That’s why!

2. Oh, no doubt about it.

Do you remember it, ladies?

3. You are on your own journey now.

Good luck to you!

4. They’re very confused, that’s for sure.

And they’re feeling neglected.

5. Here we go again.

Let’s not even travel down that path.

6. A new sensation.

What is this weird feeling?!?!

7. Not that much different, is it?

Does this sound like your life?

8. Okay, time to figure this out.

Which one is it, again?

9. What a strange year.

And it’s only getting stranger…

10. Someone needs to set this up.

Some real talk right here!

11. Is that too much to ask?

Let me live my life, dammit!

12. What’s the point?

Can anyone out there explain this?

13. That’s a lofty goal.

We hope you can achieve it!

I told you I was a doctor! Aren’t you glad you listened to me?

Okay, let’s keep the laughs coming for days!

In the comments, please share a funny post with us that you think will make us LOL.

Let’s see what you got!