Drunk people are famous for being hilarious, most of the time because they have no inhibitions and will do and say cr*p that no one sober would dare. As long as your friends are being safe(ish) and not making themselves sick or putting others at risk, you can get some pretty funny stories (and dirt) by being the one who stays sober.

Like these 14 people, who managed to capture some priceless inebriated moments, courtesy of their friends.

14. When those little surprises show up at your door.

Watch the mail 3-5 days after getting wasted at home.

I need to stop shopping online when drunk.
byu/yeahnaht infunny

13. When you know, you know.

I guess there really is someone for everyone.

12. At least the boss was cool with it.

At least it was on a holiday I guess.


11. I need to know how long this went on before someone stopped him.

Surely he was there with friends?!

This guy who was drunk as f*ck tried to shazam in the silent disco
byu/MithrandirElessar infunny

10. She’s trying to what, exactly?

Maybe it was a hint about wanting pearl earrings?

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9. I fail to see the issue.

Cheese is always an appropriate snack, however you eat it.

Apparently my husband was drunk eating last night.
byu/Beckerness11 infunny

8. How does one even go about messaging an airport?

Also, I’m sure the airport is glad to know someone cares.


7. Wow, that is really special.

And he called himself out. Props.

6. I don’t know why this is a thing that exists.

I kind of want it, though.


5. 1% Frosted Flakes.

No word on what percentage of weed, though.


4. Not sure he’s going to get another date.

Depends on her sense of humor, I suppose.

3. Bless his heart.

I bet he was so proud of himself, too.

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2. Probably the correct response.

Drunk you had your best interests at heart.

1. Omg you can’t even tell it’s a pizza.

I guess he forgot to set the timer.

My housemate got back drunk and put a pizza in the oven. Passed out while it was cooking
byu/DonnyTheBowler infunny

I’m so happy that cell phone cameras weren’t really a thing when I was in college. Seriously.

What’s the funniest thing you ever caught a drunk friend doing?

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