We all keep secrets in relationships. Some of them are pretty small and inconsequential, others would be earth-shattering if they were to be found out. Trying to decide what needs to come out into the light in a marriage, and what’s OK to keep as a personal secret is one of the tougher things to navigate. But some cases are a little clearer than others.

Check out these 12 anonymous confessions from men about the things their wives don’t know about them.

12. In the closet

Gotta be honest with her and with yourself.

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11. BFF

Exactly how good of friends are they?

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10. Dirty work

This sentence made me gag a little when I read it.

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9. Saving up

I hope you’re joking about this.

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8. Secret life

Don’t you think she’d probably be pretty excited to know all that?

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7. On the edge

Obviously way too close for comfort.

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6. Down in the dumps

It’s possible to feel isolated even when you’re have someone.

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5. Bad to the bone

Sounds like you’ve thought through the cost/benefit analysis.

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4. A tryst in time

This is quite a bombshell.

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3. Avoidance

I do the same thing with my cat so I totally get it.

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2. Man’s man

Do you think she would care if she did know?

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1. Third degree

In other words, you have fantasies.

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It’s strange to think that by now, at least a few of these have inevitably come out. We can only wonder what the aftermath was. Stay strong out there, and fight for the ones you love, even if things get tough.

Are you married? Do you keep anything from your spouse?

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