Let’s be honest – there’s not a lot to laugh about in the world these days. Those feelings transfer to Twitter and other social media platforms, meaning that even though we’re getting a good amount of time devoted to worthy social justice and public health causes, we aren’t getting as many opportunities to laugh as usual.

Which makes these 12 recent funnies all the more precious, if you ask me!

12. We are all to blame.

He’s like the world’s abusive boyfriend.


11. I suppose maybe that’s not something you want to admit to everyone.

Those meat people can be pretty judgy.

10. Why are our memories of this so strong?

A frosty malt at the ballpark, nothing better.


9. Good thing they don’t go back and review the tapes.

We all need to keep our jobs right now.

8. I have no idea why this made me snort-laugh.

It’s so dumb, and yet…


7. They should really learn to read the room.

Which we’re all in, because we’re all always at home.


6. I’m amazed at how often it gets it right, honestly.

5. The most emo of showers.

It could cover all of your emotions at once!

4. They know what the people want!

Someday we will all want salad again, to counteract all of the ice cream we’ve eaten these past months. But not today.

3. Right? What is Zoom and where did it come from?

This pandemic hasn’t been bad for everyone, that’s for sure.


2. It’s best to learn at a young age not to mess with cat people.

They’re not right in the head, I tell you.


1. Those would sell like hotcakes on Etsy.

Hell, the probably already are.

These really hit the spot this morning, did they not?

If you’ve got a favorite tweet of the week, please drop it in the comments!