Anybody who has worked in retail knows that customers can be an absolute nightmare, and anyone who HASN’T worked in retail is probably out somewhere being a nightmare retail customer because they have absolutely no empathy for how high-demand/low-pay/low-respect these jobs actually are. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way, but for some, that’s just too much to ask.

Unfortunately, tales of these discourteous beasts are relegated mostly to venting sessions with friends and significant others; rarely is any revenge enjoyed, since extracting it would probably cost us our jobs. But every once in a while, the employee gets to enjoy just a little taste of vengeance, and in this particular case, that vengeance tasted quite sweet. Here’s the story from Reddit user Top_Gorilla17 on r/entitledparents:

Prologue: The Silver Buffalo

Chapter 1: On My Own

Chapter 2: It Begins

Chapter 3: Call to Action

Chapter 4: Release the Karen

Chapter 5: Cart Blanche

Chapter 6: A Trained Monkey

Chapter 7: Utter Malice

Chapter 8: The Reveal


Chapter 9: Ruined

Chapter 10: One Job

It almost seems too perfect to be true, but crazier things have happened, and I’m really hoping this did as well. Remember everybody, 99% of the employees you encounter anywhere are just doing their best and trying to get through the day. Don’t be a Karen.

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