There have been a lot of dating apps and websites, all the way back to in 1994. That’s right, online dating is as old as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I’ll give you a moment to place your mind gently back into your head. But using the internet as a way to explore the dating scene didn’t really take off until the smart phone era. When Tinder launched in 2012, it quickly became so popular that the terms “swipe right” and “swipe left” just entered the lexicon as new slang for “something I like” and “something I don’t like.” Pretty rare that an app leaves a mark that big on the English language itself.

Tinder is so ubiquitous that, below a certain age, nearly everyone has a story about using it. Often times the funnier or more disastrous interactions get captured in screenshots and shared around the web. Here are just a few examples of some classics:

15. So sad

A moment of silence for everyone who shares a name with a digital assistant.

byu/QubeTM inTinder

14. Boom or bust

OK but why is the picture all crooked?

No response. She clearly lost her marble
byu/PhantomBlah inTinder

13. Diet nope

I hurt myself today, to see if I still taste…

Clearly doesn’t like a bad boy
byu/benthamm1 inTinder

12. Verbal contract

This guy must be a lawyer.

I got a girl to ask me to take her home on the first message 😎😎
byu/xx420mcyoloswag inTinder

11. RIP RP

Look, you’re “yes, and”-ing, and that’s what matters.

So I’m bad at roleplaying I guess…
byu/MikeoftheMechanicus inTinder

10. Secret code

I give your C++ an A-.

Had programming in her bio so I busted out some c++
byu/Sibbzz_ inTinder

9. Warning signs

This is some old school Dating Game malarkey.

What was I supposed to say?
byu/nicktrickz inTinder

8. Darth Dater

The heavy breathing starts early with this guy.

I think I found The One.
byu/partygrandpa inTinder

7. When you’re the best of friends

The game is over before it’s begun.

Oof size: large
byu/Condomking69 inTinder

6. Know your worth

Is the chip bag mostly air, though?

Seems to be the case…
byu/Zip_-_Zap inTinder

5. Espionage

This has more twists than a Shyamalan plot.

Crazy stuff
byu/zyzagas inTinder

4. I feel pretty

Wow, double “y” on the “Heyy” and everything. This is going well.

If Johnny Bravo pickup lines don’t work, then I don’t even want her anymore
byu/I401BlueSteel inTinder

3. Soccer? I hardly know her!


She had her soccer pics in her bio
by inTinder

2. A fine addition to my collection

Prequel memes as a litmus test is a bold move, friend.

Clearly didn’t know what I was doing…
byu/Jackful_ inTinder

1. Numerical evasion

I think you’ve met your match.

sometimes the it doesn’t work..
byu/vasurb inTinder

If you’re out there using Tinder, remember: stay safe, be nice, and post the funny stuff for the benefit of those of us who are tired of trying to do it ourselves. Good luck out there!

What’s your big Tinder story/moment?

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