We talk a lot these days about “call out culture,” the tendency for people to make big public displays of correcting someone for some unvirtuous behavior in a way that maybe really isn’t warranted. That’s a whole can of worms that needs a lot of discussion on a case by case basis, but there are certain times when there’s really no question: you posted something that absolutely deserves to be called out. Either because it’s super distasteful, or because it’s just a plain ol’, obvious lie.

Often when these moments happen online, the official record disappears as the transgressor quickly deletes what they can of the evidence. But sometimes, they stick around, and they’re glorious.

13. Roll with it

Not the biggest deal in the world but you got the attention of Chrissy Teigen AND a bread company somehow.


12. I’m not even supposed to be here today

“It turns out you can just put a quote underneath something and attribute it to whomever you want. I love Tiger King.” – Richard Nixon

11. Breaking news

Gotta admire the restraint of an entire dictionary just utilizing one word in their response.

10. This is America

It’s time we called out the real enemies: people who learn about stuff.


9. Game on

3GB per hour is still just messing with my mind. My first computer had a 10GB hard drive. I am old.

8. PETA problems

Literally who is a PETA fan at this point?

7. Truck you

My money’s on this thing never actually coming out.

6. Trash opinion

You can put any caption under a photo. It’s weird how many people don’t realize that.

5. Video detective

The iPad 2 would have been on American store shelves in 2011-2012.

4. The great outdoors

I mean, she’s clearly in shape anyway, so, no judgement.

3. Advanced computer model

Lol they’re so mad.

2. Left on read

I, too, find myself intimidating.

1. Block my block


What lessons can we learn here?

  1. If you lie on the internet, prepare to be called out.
  2. If you’re a jerk on the internet, prepare to be called out.

Got any other examples of this sort of thing happening?

Share ’em in the comments.