High school. It feels like a lifetime ago.

For me it was literally half my lifetime ago, which I don’t feel terribly comfortable saying out loud, but thems the breaks.

And while I am of course apprehensive about growing older, I got no qualms whatsoever about getting further away from that particular experience.

It’s just madness.

And looking back on it starts to feel like peering into a weird alternate universe that you sort of did and sort of didn’t inhabit.

Here are twelve of the weirdest things about high school that we’ve nearly forgotten.

12. The timing

Nobody deserves this.


11. The guys

“Nah, I don’t really feel the cold,” said Trevor, his face turning blue.


10. The budget

Make sure you bring that back, we’re not made of money.

9. The dances

Nothing about this even seems legal.


11. The priorities

Good to know we were at least prepared for life challenge’s.

8. The hierarchy

I hope this person is a scientist now.

7. The theatre kids

The thing we were consuming was called “a desperate need for attention.”

6. The parties

High schoolers in movies are always rich, beautiful, and unhappy.

5. The proms

There’s no amount of money or respect that would make that worth it.

4. The unlikelihood

Probably isn’t something most of us would do, given the choice.



I’m in this tweet and I don’t like it.

2. The emo kids

Bold prediction, there.

1. The consistency

How have you not transformed seventy times at this point?

Like I said, good riddance to the whole weird thing. And if you’re currently in high school, chin up. The rest of life won’t be quite this bizarre.

What are your thoughts on the high school experience?

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