Look, we’re all just trying to get through life without screwing up too bad.

But some of us were built in a dysfunctional awkwardness factory and we missed the recall notice so now we’re just out here walking around among the humans like a dang safety hazard. We make the best of it. In fact, we’re pretty great sometimes. But most of the time, we earning our frequent-customer miles aboard the struggle bus.

Here are fifteen struggle memes to illustrate what I mean.

15. A la cart

Somehow all four of my wheels are the bad one.

14. Word up

Whateva, I’ll do what I want.

13. Trick questions

I’m going to go laugh a very sad laugh now.

12. Serving looks

You mean it doesn’t work like it does in the medication ads?

11. Running jokes

It gets me into trouble at a very fast rate.

10. Heart and soul

To whomever is just like me, I’m sorry.

9. Compare and contrast

Do they make those vests in human sizes or?

8. Matchmaking


7. Down the rabbit hole

Surely this will end well.

6. Huge mistakes

Can we put some of this toothpaste back in the tube?

5. Soldier on

“Aight, Imma head out.” – my mental stability

4. Old faithful

I think it’s gonna be a real doozy today.

3. Dawn of a new age

I’ll look back on this meme with no regrets.

2. The inebriation proclamation

Let’s do some shots and talk about how we live in a post-truth political ecosystem.

1. Moment of clarity

It was time to go home.

We may be a mess, but we’re a beautiful mess, and that should never go unappreciated.

What’s been your biggest hot mess moment lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.