Nobody likes a cheater, mostly because there’s really no excuse good enough for choosing to break someone’s trust in the worst possible way instead of just breaking things off cleanly.

So @that1mum on Twitter posed the question…

…and these 12 people were told by their SO’s the “good reason,” when in reality, they only made things somehow worse.

12. This is like the Zack Morris excuse.

11. He was only thinking of her.

10. I mean fair is fair.

9. She’s obviously some kind of psycho too, then.

8. The chicken or the egg?

7. Didn’t want to wake you up for…?

6. Boy, bye.

5. What, should she write a thank you note?

4. That doesn’t sound like the God I know.

3. It was a break, maybe.

2. Oh, grow up.

1. Dodged a bullet there.

The secondhand rage is strong for me.

How are you feeling? I truly hope you don’t have any stories like these!

But if you do… share them in the comments, yo!