Most of us don’t go looking for reasons to end friendships. The older we get, the harder it is to make friends; we’re not going around kicking them to the curb for minor infractions.

These 12 people knew in an instant, though, that their friendships weren’t worth the time and trouble – read through and see if you agree!

12. That’s not ok.

They stole £100 out of my wallet.

That money was going to charity.

11. I certainly hope this is true.

They couldn’t be damned to check on me, when I dropped off the face of the planet after reconnecting. (My dad had cancer and I wasn’t going to tell anyone I didn’t trust because there was a bad habit of probing me for “story research” when it came to my tragedies…)

Then one of them started dating the girl who lead a campaign to try to get me to commit suicide.

I’m much happier without ’em.

10. On what planet?

When I realized they did not give a flying Jesus about me or my feelings, they just wanted a “therapist” (which is what they nicknamed me).

After they ditched me at a party and pretended there was nothing wrong with that. *buzzer sound* wrong answer!

9. That’s just silly.

Some of my close friends threw me a surprise party for my 16th birthday and one of my school friends got SUPER pissed that I didn’t invite him.

I was like, dude, I wasn’t invited either. I didn’t know about it til I got there. He gave me the silent treatment for a month and when he came back around, he tried to pretend like nothing happened but I was pretty much just over it.

8. None of those people are friends.

I have got 3 stories to tell.

Would always talk shit about me behind my back, claimed to be a victim when I reacted accordingly, would always ditch for me for a ‘friend’ he met online then come running back to me when it fell apart and then conveniently would want to come to my house on the same day he was scheduled to go swimming just before the time he started talking shit about me behind my back.

Started acting prestige after getting a girlfriend after criticizing a former friend for doing the same thing

Would always talk to me about everything going on in their lives and expect me to give full attention to it but when I had things to talk about it was quickly dismissed with ‘I don’t care’ or ‘ok’.

7. No one likes to feel like that.

Just feeling like I’m someone to pass time with when he’s bored enough, or until he finds a girlfriend one day; instead of someone to make memories and enjoy things with.

6. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.

I was meeting a group of friends for brunch one morning. It was nice out so I decided to ride my motorcycle.

Pulled up and parked. They were all sitting on the patio so I started saying my hellos. One girl is just dumb struck. “You ride a motorcycle?”

Now if you have ever met me I have probably talked about riding motorcycle. It’s a problem I don’t shut up about it. I own 4 of them. This girl had know me for 3 years. In three years she hadn’t paid enough attention to anything I said to know even the most major things about me.

That was it for me. I’d already had about enough of her because of her desire to create drama over every little thing.

5. It’s his business why?

He threatened to destroy another friendship if I didn’t admit to the other friend I was in love with them.

Called it an “ultimatum for my own good. ” dropped that manipulative bastard on the spot.

He said more sh%tty things in the same convo.

4. Social media can be so bad.

Them going out with some other people, doing the exact thing that I asked them to do with me but they didn’t want to and having to find out on social media.

3. I hope she’s got the help she needs.

i had a friend in elementary that wouldn’t let me play with anyone else but her. like she’d push me into mud, splash herself, then tell the teacher that I pushed her in.

she would also threaten to kill me if I stopped being friends with her. luckily I moved schools and no longer have to put up with her.

2. I feel bad for them now, too.

Accused me of not prioritizing them or being a true friend bc of their constant need for attention. Like, dude, we’re not in high school anymore. We’re adults and I don’t need to have a 30 min phone conversation with you every day or hang out with you weekly to justify a friendship. I don’t even talk to my best friend every week.

I just got sick of the clinginess, neediness, and guilt tripping because their “other” friends somehow manage this. Great, but I’m not them.

Also we tried dating at one point before I said that I only felt platonic chemistry but within our first couple weeks of going out (nothing even official), they were tagging me in Facebook ads of couples shirts and just really over the top stuff. I felt bad for them, honestly.

1. The last straw.

I just got tired of bracing myself for every conversation, not knowing whether she would be nice or lash out. Realized that the thought of being away from her was so much more freeing, relaxing, and happy than the thought of talking to her.

One of the defining moments of our breakup was on a personal weight loss blog she had. I wrote an encouraging comment on there, telling her to not hate herself for falling off the wagon, but rather to look forward to getting back on. She snapped at me, saying she didn’t need sugar-coating from me.

She later apologized and said she realized she was out of line, but I was fucking done.

I definitely wouldn’t put up with any of this crud at my age. Nope.

What’s a moment you knew someone was no longer your friend? Tell us the story in the comments!