This particular post is not for the faint or heart nor the sound of mind. Tattoos can be beautiful and evocative expressions of self. They can also be total nightmares that defy all reason. Personally, I’ve never seen myself as being a tattoo guy. Can’t really imagine liking an idea so much that I decide to make an image of it a permanent part of my body. But, yanno, to each their own. And for the people on this list, their own is…truly their own.

Here are fifteen real tattoos that will make you say “What? Why?”

15. Bumps and bruises

I’ve never been less comfortable in my entire life.

14. This went swimmingly

Is this Thomas the Tank Engine cursed to be an octopus? Because it looks like Thomas the Tank Engine cursed to be an octopus.

13. Mouse trap

This is either very funny or deeply concerning.

12. Cringe-ception

We’re reaching levels of basic that shouldn’t even be possible.

11. Switch it up

If u stay, go. Stay do it fever today.

10. Peppa pop’a’cap

What is with this theme of militant children’s cartoon characters?

9. Eye see you

The false eyes help protect him from predators.

8. A real jackass

Like on onion, this has layers of awful.

7. Word search

F*ck cops, worship frogs? Did bizarro Alex Jones write this?

6. Feeling testy

I don’t want to ask because I don’t want to know, moving RIGHT along.

5. I’m on a boat

This is either a reference to the film The Lighthouse or just the ravings of a lunatic. YOU decide.

4. Death knell

It’s just like Jesus said, “The south will rise again and so will I lol.”

3. Queef


2. Pat-thicc

I think I may actually have a curse on me now.

1. Matching madness

If this is an inside joke I’mma need you to keep it deeeep inside.

Well, that was horrifying. I need to go wash my eyes out with soap. Be right back.

What’s the weirdest tattoo you’ve ever seen?

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