Some weeks it seems like you just can’t win – the weather is bad, the kids are sick, the car won’t start – and those are the weeks when the universe just seems really keen on piling it on.

A fact these 12 people are well aware of, after the incidents described in the posts below.

12. What’s wrong with Joe?

11. Next time don’t be an insecure b*tch.

10. Who in heaven’s name would think this was a good idea??

9. Excuse me while I laugh until I cry into my student loan bills.

8. I maintain that birds are the enemy.

7. Um yeah what can you say I guess?

6. This is actually brilliant and I’m stealing it.

5. Just lay it all out there and wait for the right person I guess?

4. No. Way. In. Hell.

3. We might have different definitions of exotic.

2. This kid is 15, tops.

1. That’s just a lot of asks.

I can definitely wait awhile before the powers that be take their turn with me!

What’s the worst week in your recent memory? Is it worse than these?

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