When someone asks you to complete a task, you can do it, or you can do it. You know what I mean – you can give it your all and live up to the actual spirit of the request and not just the bottom line, or you can phone it in to the point where the person can’t say you didn’t do it, but they’re not happy, either.

These 12 people apparently had zero f*cks left, because ain’t nobody happy with their finished product.

12. I guarantee it took longer to find that string than she stayed on the swing.

But I applaud the effort!

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11. Well, he did make a happy hour flier…

He took a screenshot and everything!

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10. I must have forgotten that part.

Stone cold.

Short but honest
byu/bdreynolds intechnicallythetruth

9. But seriously I hate people who do this.

“I can see three feet, so I’m fine!”

This guy wasn’t about to let 13 inches of snow or laziness stop him from getting to work on time.
by inIdiotsInCars

8. To be fair, they’re triple stacked.

That’s one more than double, so it’s not wrong.

Doubling stacking? Watch this.

7. How far can the curb be, really?

Yeah, that’ll work out.

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6. I have no idea how people live without baby wipes.

I like how they use the word “skate” like that’s really what’s going on.

The lazy mom lifehack: put a baby wipe under each foot, and “skate” around…double points for tricking the kids that this is fun, to have them do it.
byu/scarymum inlifehacks

5. It’s kind of hard to not applaud the genius of this, right?

If this kid doesn’t get an A+, I’m rioting.

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4. Very cheeky.

The PERFECT placement.


3. He’s probably not your boss anymore, but it’s still funny.

OR their boss got a kick out of it.

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2. I bet he got a good laugh.

But he did it, so… boom.

By customer request.
byu/BEARTRAW infunny

1. Bless her heart.

Not sure what’s going on, but I approve regardless.

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Posts like this, about humanity at its most human, kind of crack me up.

How about you? Did you crack a smile?

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