I used to dream of being a man of means. Now I dream of being a man of memes. This shift in objective came about for 2 main reasons:

1) I have come to understand that the wealth of the material world need not concern me, and have arisen to a place of enlightenment far beyond that which craves anything so carnal as money. And 2) I’ve realized I’m never gonna be rich and memes are free, so, it’s like a way more achievable goal.

If you, too, are a great collector of memes, I offer you this small vault of riches to peruse. May they bring you true joy, as they have me.

20. Employee satisfaction

“Here’s $50 worth of cheese dough, you’re welcome.”

19. Dog day afternoon

What is there to do but stare and stare alike?

18. It’s raining, it’s pouring

I’m sick of your ******* snoring.

17. Bottled emotions

We need to be fully prepped.

16. The taste you can see

Either very bad eyesight or very good weed was involved here.

15. Next level

This merits a long-form Galaxy Brain format, I think.

14. Never tire-some

How have I not thought of this before?

13. Important research

No longer will he remain “that guy from that thing with that guy.”

12. Blasphemy

I don’t know who made this and I better not ever find out.

11. Emotional intelligence

It’s an out of body cringe experience.

10. Ssssssmokin’

And anywhere is a dance floor if you’re willing to break things.

9. Possessive

I demand to know who owns this house of worship.

8. Corner man

Replace “6” with “30” and you’ve got me.

7. Intermission

(There’s no joke here, it’s just a genuinely helpful meme)

6. That’s cold

I wonder if he realizes.

5. Grocery etiquette

Oh, milk? Me? Nah. Never had the stuff in my life. I’m more of a juice guy.

4. Mark the date

Gotta bring your van to the date for all the extra baggage.

3. Good vibrations

I can’t tell if this is a fun fact or a tip for serial killers.

2. Oh, Canada!

What unholy abomination have you brought forth?

1. Flip ’em over

“Is your guy wearing glasses?”

I’m sure you’ll agree those are some pretty top quality memes. The kind of memes a guy could retire on, maybe? I hope so, cause I don’t have a better plan than that right now.

Which one is your favorite?

Give us your scholarly opinion in the comments.