It can be surreal to run into a person on the street that, until then, you’ve only seen on television or a big movie screen.

If you’re like me, and live in the Midwest, it can be even crazier, since it’s not at all a common thing.

Somebody on Twitter recently asked a question, and boy did they get a response!

(#realtalk: For my part, I am terrible at recognizing people who aren’t in an expected situation, so I’d probably have an entire conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio and then be like “I saw this dude that looked exactly like Leo” and never know the truth.)

So yeah, these 12 people knew exactly who they were dealing with, though, and their stories are pretty darn epic.

12. It was definitely your lucky day.

11. That would be awkward no matter who you were.

10. This is the best reaction ever.

9. I love how they both just went along with it.

8. To be fair I would have told you the same thing.

7. This is definitely an encounter I don’t envy!

6. Whatever it is, it’s not as cool as yours.

5. This is so pure and also completely weird.

4. Too many people would have gone for the drama.

3. Someone isn’t so good in social situations.

2. This is the best short story I’ve ever heard.

1. There’s a pic so it definitely happened.

I love tidbits like this – they’re like sneak peeks behind the curtain in Oz!

Do you have a celebrity encounter story? Is it good? Bad?

Regale us in the comments!