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For whatever reason, these 12 people thought it was a good idea to try to get back in touch with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. The ex in question left no doubt that they were not in the same frame of mind, and all of these shutdowns are pretty stinking savage.

Like, I would have to be really pissy about how a relationship ended to be this mean, but props to these people, who obviously take their own mental health seriously!

12. I’m embarrassed for him that it took so long for him to get it.

11. Short, not-sweet, and to the point.

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10. Kind of took awhile to get there, but I’m not mad about it.

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#ghosting month is upon us

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9. Whatever it takes for you to leave me alone.

8. Maturity is overrated in some situations.

7. She felt like you needed the imagery, I guess.

6. Oh, bless your little pea-pickin’ heart.

5. And that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter.

4. Oh, man, that’s just meannnnnnn.

3. Live with your choices, sucka.

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#extexts #lmao

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2. And pizza is never a d*ck.

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1. Dead to you, anyway.

I’m in awe of some of these people –  they are goals!

Have you ever been shut down? Have you done this to someone else? Share in the comments!