What is it about cats? When the Cats movie adaptation that nobody asked for came out, it was met with absolute shock. Audiences found it to be bizarre, frantic, aimless, weirdly aggressive, and odd-looking. In other words…it was just like real cats.

Cats are super cute but it’s their eccentricities that ultimately win us over. They’re so agile and flexible that they can get into just about anything, and their curiosity is famously boundless. That’s why it’s so much fun to swap pictures of cats being cats and laugh until we cry adorable tears. Here’s a fine selection of kitties being weird for your scrolling enjoyment!

12. If it’s toes, I goes

Ellie is using my foot as a hammock. Hurts to hold it this way.
byu/Toxic_Don inIfIFitsISits

11. She’s a mixed breed

Hope this counts, it’s my favorite picture of my cat Maisy 🙂
byu/MeowMixTenders inpottedcats

10. Mr. Beans

my loaf on our new glass coffee table
byu/cmronhrrington incatsonglass

9. Leaving his mark on the world

You don’t move when your pet is on you
byu/jessmadeamess inEyebleach

8. Defend the base!

Hooman, get out of my fort!
byu/taasp inaww

7. A secret chamber has emerged

I pulled my stove away from the wall to fix the outlet behind it. I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to find this.
byu/CyborgKnitter inTheCatTrapIsWorking

6. It’s the end of the fe-line

My cat sits here everyday waiting to be pet by the people getting the bus. They call him “bus stop cat”
byu/SasEis incats

5. Shoot me like one of your French girls

I was planing on shooting some product…my cat had other ideas. I walked away for 45 seconds and came back to this.
byu/Venmo_Me_A_Dollar incats

4. They’ll never find me

He’s a magican. A bad magican.
byu/critiqueboi inCatswithjobs

3. Ah, the yummy-smelling heat pad is here

Every damn time we order pizza…
byu/MarkieMew inTheCatTrapIsWorking


This is Ann. Ann likes to wait and watch the bubbles in the humidifier. Please wish her well during her wait.
byu/darlin-clementine incats

1. We ride at dawn

My wife visited a riding stables in Vallentuna Sweden and saw this
byu/KNJSWE inDelightfullychubby

American author Lloyd Alexander once said, “The only thing a cat worries about is what’s happening right now.” I think there’s something to be learned from that. Let’s take a page from these floofs and live in the little moments today.

Do you have a cat? What weird things do they do?

Tell us about it in the comments.