Sleepwalking is what happens basically when your brain fails to produce the chemicals necessary to keep you still while you’re asleep so you don’t start acting out your dreams.

I’ve never really had that problem, though I’ve suffered the opposite – a phenomenon called sleep paralysis where that chemical keeps getting produced even though you’re conscious. It’s freaky. I think I’d probably trade it for sleepwalking if I could.

I do, apparently, talk just a bit in my sleep. More frequently, I was informed by an ex girlfriend, I hum little tunes. Not too surprising as I am a musician of sorts, but it pales in comparison to how interesting some of these sleep talking confessions are.

12. Bring on the Muppets tonight

Talk about being felt.

Source: Whisper

11. Say my name

Well, that’s just plain uncomfortable.

Source: Whisper

10. Secrets revealed

I wonder if they vet for this kind of thing in like professional spies?

Source: Whisper

9. Panic time

If I hear that in the night, no matter the context, I’m gonna comply.

Source: Whisper

8. Gibberish times

Those are the best.

Source: Whisper

7. Important meals

Well, you heard the lady.

Source: Whisper

6. What an embarrassment

For all you know, it’s already happened.

Source: Whisper

5. A wide variety

You should go into talk radio.

Source: Whisper

4. A class act

Were you muttering the test answers?

Source: Whisper

3. Monkey business

That would be a pretty difficult thing to hide.

Source: Whisper

2. Double trouble

What are you revealing?

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1. Sexy dork fish


Source: Whisper

Absolutely wild, I’m not sure how I could sleep next to some of those folks.

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