Sleepwalking and sleep talking has got to be some of the strangest stuff the human mind and body can conjure.

It’s weird enough that we dream while we sleep, it’s far weirder that we can sometimes exist in a half dream state and just walk around freaking out everybody we know.

So, let’s gawk at some weird.

12. Puppy love

In this defense, he was almost certainly correct.

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11. Confessions in the night

Well, that’s one way to do it.

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10. Shop after you drop

Oh my God I’d be broke in minutes.

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9. The going rate

That’s quite a dowry, she has no choice but to accept.

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8. Haoc ega egievgago

Gaiort vcge, aove ageu egcop hoelp.

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7. Getting spicy

Don’t wanna give the outside world too much of a play by play.

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6. Be aggressive

Well what do you chat about?

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5. Pleasant surprises

Sleep me is looking out for woke me.

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4. Perfecto

I um…I highly doubt that.

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3. Being seen

No offense but I’d stay far away from you for a while after something like that.

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2. An open book

It’s like having random bits of access to a diary or something.

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1. Smiles all around

Ok, but how did you stop?

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I’ll never forget the time of friend of mine, while I was staying at his house, walked over in his sleep, kicked me in the head, and said “they’re coming.”

Freakiest thing ever.

Do you have experiences with sleep talking?

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