Today we’re going to dedicate an entire page to a discussion on nudity that contains no actual nudity.

But don’t leave! It’s fascinating and hilarious nonetheless.

It all started when Reddit user Ruth took to r/AskReddit to post this very, very important question:

Do you sleep naked? Why or why not?
byu/Ruth- inAskReddit

Now, you might think a question this simple wouldn’t garner much traffic or attention, but you have to remember, it involves thinking about naked people, so thousands of folks got to talking.

Here are some entries in the great debate on whether your birthday suit should be your PJ’s.

1. There’s something to be said about the feeling…

Freshly washed sheets on a naked body is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Plus, I’m not sure why, my dreams are lot more interesting when I sleep naked.

Note that I don’t mean sexually, I genuinely just mean interesting.

– BagelsAreStaleDonuts

2. Then there are people with more unconventional reasoning.

Sometimes naked.. but mostly in just underwear.

My girlfriend refuses to sleep naked ever because she’s afraid of bugs going in her lady bits.

– landshark06

3. You gotta strip down when it’s hot, surely.

Depends on the temperature and humidity. Right around this time of year yes.

– CoolMoo5e

4. Remember to be courteous with your nudity.

Yes. It’s more comfortable, but I’ll wear clothes if we have guests, or if I’m at someone else’s place.

If it’s cold, I just pile on more blankets.

– FormalMango

5. Some offered cautionary tales of their unclothed slumber.

I did, until one day a fire alarm woke me up, but I actually smelt smoke so thought I had to run.

I ended up with a pair of boxers, boots and a jacket standing in the Canadian snow…

After that, PJs for me.

– billbapapa

6. Their scenarios, while unlikely, still give us pause.

I did for a little while. It was comfortable, and I enjoyed it…

But then, one night, my dogs woke up in the middle of the night. They kept pacing, and with hardwood floors, the sound was annoying. I put them outside.

I’m not sure how long it was after I put them out, but I woke up to hear this horrific shrieking sound coming from my backyard. I didn’t bother with clothes, I went to investigate.

It was raining, and my dogs were tripping balls because there was a raccoon on the fence. I managed to call them off, and get them inside. The raccoon, no longer afraid, jumped down into the yard towards me. I had to fend the thing off with a broom we had left out to sweep off the patio.

So, that is how I ended up naked, in the rain, swinging a broom at a trash panda in the middle of the night.

And that is why I don’t sleep in the buff anymore.

– Laura-19

7. Skin to skin contact isn’t that much fun when you’re alone.

No, I don’t like my skin touching my skin. I like my skin touching only cotton fabrics.

And I curl up too much to just avoid that with starfish pose.

– BellatrixLenormal

8. If you’re going to sleep naked, you should have an emergency plan.

Nope. I was raised in tornado alley.

Depending on where the tornado is when you hear that alarm, you might not have time to get dressed before heading for shelter.

I was always scared the house would be destroyed and I’d end up naked on the news.

– tannm-art

9. For some it’s just a matter of what you’re used to.

No. I grew up sharing a room with my brother, so I always slept in at least shorts and a t shirt.

Sleeping naked just feels weird and uncomfortable to me after sleeping clothed for so long.

– ladies-pmme-nudespls

10. This guy plans to weaponize his nakedness if it comes down to it.

I do. So much freer and more comfortable. Warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

Also what would scare off an intruder more than a guy stark nude, with raging morning wood and a karate belt left lying strategically near the bed?

– __01001000-01101001_

11. The game changes if you’re a parent, though.

Not currently. I have 2 young sons that come into my room sometimes at night needing Mama.

Don’t want to give them more nightmares.

– alleyoop2323

12. Some concerns are purely practical.

I do not. I’d rather not drill bare ass farts into my sheets while I’m sleeping.

– Col_Walter_Tits

13. Some people don’t have much of a choice.

I cannot sleep with clothing on. I’ve tried for years but I get stressed and uncomfortable.

As soon as I take my clothe off I sleep like a baby.

– GoonsAndGhouls

14. We all need a break from the norm.

I sleep naked af!

I’m wearing clothes all day.

I gotta breath at some point.


15. But remember…

No. My FBI agent is watching.

– yesungs

Compelling arguments, all. I guess the overall takeaway is that if you’re going to sleep in the nude, have an emergency robe nearby or something, lest you end up battling trash pandas.

Do you sleep naked?

Bare it all in the comments.