I’ve got a formula for a post here that I think may very well break the internet. What if we made a list of relationship memes that were really cute and sweet and relatable, but fed them all through the filter of pictures of cats?

It’s two great tastes that taste great together. It’s an overload of adorable.

I honestly don’t even feel I can be held responsible for the reactions it may cause, this is untrodden ground and my hubris in this matter may well be my undoing.

Prepare yourself for critical levels of cute.

12. Do it for the gram

Am very smol but my following is huge.

11. Paws for a moment

Maintain the connection while you’re watching your show.

10. Forbidden love

What dog through yonder doorway breaks? It is the east, and doggo is the sun.

9. Stars in your eyes

I can practically hear bells chiming just looking at this picture.

8. Purrito roll

I will cover you with affection, but probably not blankets.

7. Luck be a kitty tonight

“I watch you while you sleep” is only creepy in certain contexts.

6. Feelin’ frisky

The cat’s out of the bag now.

5. Slumber buddies

You can sleep with me, or you can just sleep with me.

4. Different strokes

Butt wait, there’s more.

3. Making it work

You gotta be willing to put up with these kinds of highs and lows.

2. Chewing the fat

Just let me be myself.

1. Parting snuggles

You’ll always come back around to this.

I think I might need a shot of insulin from how sweet that was. Also I need to go pet my cat and text my girlfriend. So many feelings.

Which is better – cats or people?

Make your argument in the comments.