Having a roommate can really be a mixed bag. After all, sharing space with family members is crazy enough… but now you’re going to do that with a stranger? Who thought of that first?

These 12 people got the pick of the litter when it came to roommates and they all had to share on Twitter.

So let’s fire up those sense of humor and get ready to laugh. Because it’s about to go down.

1. Get it!

2. Rain rain go away…


3. Jamaicans can run this whole ting for all I care…

4. OMFG right now… can you even look closely???


5. Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later…

6. I think this is gonna work out for him. I’ve got a good feeling…

7. Hahaha… that’ll show him!

8. Put those messy roommates on BLAST!


9. Oh… that’s some kinky sh^t right there!


10. OR they eat fruit in the best way possible… HEART FIRST! o_O

11. Oh… that’s a good one. That’s a VERY good one.

12. No girl… no no no

What’s worse… having a roommate or almost going broke having a place to yourself?

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