Adults are always telling kids to make good choices, but the truth is that there are times when the supposed “grown-ups,” you know, the one’s in charge of things like, say, school, do their best to drive the younger generation crazy.

These 12 images will have you saying no, stop, and also do it immediately, please.

Including this first one… because… WHAT?!?

12. Well this is awkward.

Okay, who created this list? Seriously.

My school’s web filter everyone!
byu/lmore3 inteenagers

11. Who is setting up these filters?

I love the fact that this is a school. Hilarious.

This school blocked a site because it was educational
byu/Adsnipers infunny

10. Please, make it stop.

I am so damn confused.

This ad at my school
byu/Cron-che inCrappyDesign

9. I really hope no one in this room is trying to learn English for the first time.

I mean… you can definitely read it one sheet at a time… but that’s not how we read.

This sign at my international school
byu/InboundBark49 indontdeadopeninside

8. It’s like how college professors make you buy their books.

Wow… imagine if you’re poor at this school. You must REALLY feel like a piece of s**t.

School has become pay to win…
byu/Mykal-Keliikoa inmildlyinfuriating

7. Good thing these people aren’t planning cities.

OMFG… how did this happen?

The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects
byu/LuigiSaysKachow inCrappyDesign

6. Maybe it’s just there to scare people?

I’m guessing they haven’t installed the fence yet.

My school’s new security gate
by inonejob

5. I wonder how many students fell for that?

Something is amiss!

This survey at my school
byu/lucky_dog21 insoftwaregore

4. How has no one corrected this?

I am so confused as to how this even happened?!

My school installed a new beamer. I nominate them for ‘Best engineering 2017’
byu/Triomat infunny

3. It’s like the Winchester Mystery House.

Looks like somebody forgot to build the stairs!

School safety right?
byu/parkwaygive inonejob

2. Whoever corrected this is my hero.

I bet they’re not winning too many friends anytime soon, though.

The teachers’ cafeteria staff at a high school put up a sign.
byu/bluebirdgm infunny

1. I guess they just want you to carry it all day and bulk up?

Get your lift on, brah!

My school locker can’t even fit my backpack because of those shelves.
byu/zucclivan inCrappyDesign

I’m going to go and get some Tylenol, now, because my head hurts.

Have you ever seen something at school or University that had you questioning the quality of your education?

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