And lets be honest….it looks pretty darn hard.

From dealing with kids, dealing with parents, and dealing with the red tape and higher-ups, teachers don’t have a ton of time to themselves.

Which is all to say, if you think your day job is hard, well…you’ll probably want to give it a big hug after reading these 12 tweets.

12. You mean they don’t stop eating random things by the time they reach school age?

11. That should definitely go on your business cards.

10. The struggle is so real.

9. I’m not a doctor but you might be about to have a heart attack.

8. In high school, even produce can be considered contraband.

7. Middle school-ish boys are the best/worst.

6. For the love of god, just don’t run off.

5. That is a lot of alarms.

4. Or emoji-fied at all, really.

3. Take a minute to unpack that. Or a few minutes.

2. Awww that is the worst moment as a kid.

1. This is like my only job as a sub and I still suck at it.

I’ve been a substitute teacher, and…yeah. Teachers are saints, and we don’t deserve them.

Do you know a teacher? Better get out there and show them some appreciation!