There are plenty of things you learn in high school – how to do your own laundry, how to drive a car, how to sneak in the house without waking up your parents – but there’s also plenty that no one thinks to teach you.

But that’s okay, because when you hit your first weeks at college, you’re going to learn things like these 12 whether you want to or not.

12. He’ll probably be talking about in in therapy.

11. Truer words have never been spoken.

10. Such a strange purgatory.

9. That’s the nicest word for it.

8. Like a box of chocolates.

7. Almost every time.

6. It’s all about managing your moods.

5. College forces you to think for yourself.

4. It never feels quite right.

3. You gotta know where your line in the sand is.

2. He might be a genius.

1. One of the great mysteries of the universe.

Am I right or am I right?!

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