Twitter is a place where clap backs and dunking are routine – but sometimes the responses are so brutal or get so much attention that the defeated party packs up their toys and leaves like it never happened.

Unfortunately for them, the internet is forever, and screenshots inevitably preserve the moment they should have thought through a little harder before engaging in.

Here are just 12 screenshots of tweets that got slammed so hard, they were later deleted.

12. Out of this world

Climate change is real. Your weird supplement-selling blog is not a valid source on this issue.

11. Biological burn

Why is that the people who know the least are always the loudest?

10. Best life

(This came after Chrissy Teigen posted a screenshot showing she’d been blocked by Trump)

9. Never Moore

I’d say pick on someone your own size, Roy, but I know that’s not really your thing.

8. Primary sources

I’m very into research, that’s why I can’t be bothered to check who I’m talking to.

7. Where you coming Frum?

The very conservative commentator has an idea for a gun law that already exists.

6. Literally the guy

This exchange became so infamous that it started a massive meme and from what I can tell drove both people into Twitter hiding.

Source: @reganslatic/@McCartyConnor on Twitter

5. Java juice

Why would she be complaining about a thing she doesn’t use, my guy?

4. Hostage situation

Life is hard when your news source is memes.

3. Dumbass

“I’m literally the guy in the click.”

2. Tower of terror

Trump’s not super into “knowing stuff,” so take this elsewhere.

1. Sacrifice

This was in response to an Apple-endorsed thing about entrepreneurs needing to give up seeing their kids to make their dreams come true.

Man. That was brutal. I feel like I need to go take a breather after all of that. It’s no wonder so many of those tweet threads now contain suspicious gaps.

What’s the biggest Twitter smackdown you’ve ever seen?

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