If you asked me to sum up Tumblr in one word, I’d say, “no.” There’s just too much going on there. But this collection of some random highlights might help a friend get the idea of just what it is you sit staring at all day.

These selections from Tumblr show a unique brand of humor, insight, and “I don’t even know what” that the rest of the internet, hard as it may try, just can’t quite emulate.

Let’s look at a few of the things Tumblr has taught us.

12. History’s monsters aren’t always known.

How could you make your kid complicit like this?

11. To avoid burns, control the sun

You know… at night.

10. Yoda is of another era

And nobody knew this fact until now. You’re welcome.

9. Kids today are ruining science

Even when they’re rocks. F**king kids!

8. Life is punderful

Especially when you can share it with a complete stranger.

7. We must choose how we will be remembered

And, honestly, the Ghibli movies are a nice start.

6. It’s not always your story

Sometimes, you just need to be there for support.

5. You’ll know when you found your soulmate

Get thee to the church, post haste!

4. Question everything

And then… question it all again.

3. Cats have never changed

“I’m dying! Feed me!”

2. Even God has limits


1. America = Big

Yeah, who does this Brit think she/he is?

There’s really no limits to the insights you can find if you spend long enough on Tumblr. Or the horrors. Horrors and insights are really their specialty. Tumble at your own risk.

Who are your favorite Tumblr users?

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