First dates can be very tricky.

How do I act? What do I say? What should I wear? Should I bring up my extensive criminal record?

Luckily for all of us, AskReddit threads like this exist and give us some guidance about what NOT to say on a first date.

Let’s see what they had to say…

1. Never a good idea.

“I love you.”

2. That’s really sexy.

“Finally, someone who looks like my mom.”

3. Don’t do that.

“Honest answer, the worst thing you can do on a first date outside of something completely outlandish, is talk about yourself the entire time. It’s important that both people get to know one another.

Sometimes people have a tendency to continuously talk about themselves if they are nervous, which can come off as narcissistic to someone whom you’ve just met. Be aware of the person you are with, ask questions and be genuine.”

4. A classy move.

“You pay, I’m broke.”

5. Might not be a good idea.

“Oh sh^t my wife’s calling, prolly asking where the kids are.

Can you do a good 5 year old impression?”

6. Let’s make it six!

“I’ve been married 5 times.”

7. She won’t hear a thing.

“So do you wanna head back to my mom’s place?”

8. Hahaha. Yes!

“Once again, I am asking for your financial support.”

9. Well, this date’s over.

“How long do you think someone could survive for in the boot of a car?”

10. Nothing to worry about…

“My rash has almost cleared up.”

11. Let’s take a look.

“Does this look infected?”

12. That’s not very nice.

“Did you fall down from heaven?

Because your face is pretty f*cked up.”

13. Avoid this at all costs.

“My ex is so crazy lemme tell you about it.”

14. Not creepy at all.

“I brought my son to watch.”

15. Do not upset Mother.

“You can’t sit there, that’s Mother’s seat.”

16. A deal-breaker.

“You looked better online.”

17. Run for the hills.

“So that was the second time I got crabs.”

18. Cut to the chase.

“Am I getting lucky or is this a waste of time?”

19. Hmmmm, that should end it.

“Do you have kids?

Because I’m not allowed near those.”

20. That’ll do it!

“Can I have your shoes and your phone.”

Oh boy…all of those sound like really terrible ideas.

Have you ever had someone say something totally weird, ridiculous, or inappropriate on a first date?

Tell us all about it in the comments!